Koan Law Firm, Agnès Maqua

Koan Law Firm, Agnès Maqua
Chaussée de la Hulpe, 166
1170 Bruxelles
+32 (0) 2 566 90 00

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KOAN is an independent law firm with offices in Brussels & Paris. While KOAN is privileged to be involved in high profile international projects, the focus of its practice is to offer day-to-day solutions and to address legal needs in a friendly and efficient manner. Partners: Robert De Baerdemaeker, Stéphane Willemart, Agnès Maqua, Christine De Keersmaeker, Ariane Destrycker, Pierre Willemart, Jean-Michel Orion, Antoine Druetz, Philip Peerens. Senior Counsel: Helena De Backer, Gauthier Broze Counsel: Hilde Smout, Willem-Jan Cosemans Associates: Charlotte Beeckmans, Elisabeth Bousmar, Thibault Caeymaex, Alix Degrez, Charlotte De Raef, Sara El Khoudi, Pauline Faucon, Nicolas Hamblenne, Louise Harel, Leslie Izoret, Katrien Maris, Elisabeth Van Nerum, Laurent Willemart, Quentin Willemart, Sakine Yilmaz, Read our privacy policy in regards to personal data processing : https://koan.law/brussels/en/page/privacy-policy. If you have any question regarding our data privacy policy or on the personal data processing, reach out to us on privacy@koan.law

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